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CFGlobal Trader Platform is your One-Stop Cryptocurrency Trading Solution

  • Team of 30+ traders, operational & compliance professionals
  • 20+ years of global execution & outsourced trading experience
  • No Proprietary Trading – No Conflict of Interest
  • Equities: 300+ counterparties, 50+ electronic destinations
  • Bonds: 35+ banks, brokers, IDBs, and major trading platforms
  • 24/6 Market Coverage
  • Live Outsourced Trading Desks in Hong Kong, London, and New York

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Bitcoin is the best performing asset class in the last 10 years. It is praised, adapted, and supported by Institutional investors, Hedge Funds, Publicly traded companies such as Tesla, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and more. Cryptocurrency is going mainstream, and nothing can stop it.

Throughout history, revolutionary technological breakthrough brings with it, for those smart enough to make use and invest, benefit in never before.

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About us

CFGlobal Trader Platform was developed in-house by a team of expert traders & leading developers which decided, after over a decade of hands-on activity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, to join forces and collaborate on the creation of a technologically upgraded cryptocurrency trading solution. The result is a revolutionary ALL-IN-ONE solution built by experts for both experienced & beginner traders.

Trading in the new cryptocurrency cyberspace places great technological challenges and requires a state-of-the-art solution regarding system security and integration.

We place great attention and focus on making our platform fully secured.

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Why Trade in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the financial world by allowing access and participation to every individual living on planet earth.
The concept and ability to perform global payments via peer-to-peer solution in a decentralized way without the need for any “trusted” centralized authority is by itself the greatest innovation in history.

Since 2011 Bitcoin has raised by over 20 million percent, out performing all other investment vehicles in existence.

The cryptocurrency global market has crossed the 2 Trillion Dollar mark and grows rapidly daily.


Our Financial Vehicles

CFGlobal Trader platform offers various financial instruments aimed at the use and benefit of experienced traders.
Grow your digital asset portfolio exponentially by enhancing your trading strategy. We provide the tools for you to maximize gains.

Leverage Trading
Margin Trading
Account Funding
Bitcoin Mining Pool

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