CFGlobal Trader Account Types

Extensive market research and years of expertise have led us to conclude that traders can be split into five different groups. Each requires a separate and specific set of custom services and benefits.

The CFGlobal Trader Platform provides five types of customer trading accounts, each constructed to facilitate the specific needs of the various types of traders.

Whether you are a beginner making your first market moves or a savvy, professional trader, CFGlobal Trader has the complete package for you aimed at assisting you in maximizing your potential in the real world of trading.

Our ambition is to gradually and efficiently elevate your abilities by providing a personal service that will assist you in becoming a full-fledged successful trader & investor.

Browse through our custom-made Accounts and start making money from Trading in Cryptocurrencies today.

Service Bronze Silver Gold Premium Pro
Minimum Deposit €250 – €1,000 €1,001 – €5,000 €5,001 – €25,000 €25,001 – €100,000 €250,000+
Customer Service 24/6
Withdrawal Authorization Within 6 Business Days Within 6 Business Days Within 5 Business Days Within 3 Business Days Immediate
Leverage 1:100 1:200 1:300 1:400 1:1000
Signal Trading
Welcome Bonus Up to 20% Up to 30% Up to 40% Up to 50% Up to 60%
Daily News Updates
Trading Alerts & Analysis
Personal Education Courses
Insurance Partial Full
ICO + IDO Prebuy Prebuy Prebuy
RRSP + TFSA Financial Advisor
Stock & Mutual Fund Financial Advisor
VIP Mentor